Starting this whole thing…

So Max, Igor, and I are sitting in Max’s room trying to “work:” guys are shooting into a target on a wall with an air pistol while I’m attempting to keep my laughs and write this post… Ah, I guess you’ll learn in a while that I love writing. This never gets old.

My name is Anna and I believe I am a part of something great here, getting a chance to work with some of the most amazing people I know… Our band gets together at church a couple times a week to jam a bit, worship our Lord, and write some music for Him. I think these are the best days of my life.

We recently heard about the Spirit 105.3 Local Music Project and decided to give it a shot. So that’s how this blog is getting started. We don’t know how far this is going to go, but we are here, under God’s grace, hoping for the best.

We’ll keep you posted.


5 thoughts on “Starting this whole thing…

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  1. What you guys are doing is amazing! Your passion for our Lord Jesus Christ is clearly visible. I am keeping you all in my prayers. It is wonderful seeing young people have compassion for the lost souls, may God continue to bless you.

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