The story behind the song…

Igor finally shared the back-story behind this song, which helped us a lot to finish writing it. This song, – All the Time – began with a heartbreaking moment. About a year ago, Igor, Serge, and Andrey were out at a gas station and they ran into a familiar face from high school. It was a freshman girl from one of Igor’s classes. Bluntly, and yet with a certain hidden ache in her eyes, she came up to them and asked if any one of them was over 21. She wanted to get some beer from the gas station store.

No one was over 21. She turned around and walked away, leaving a painful memory stamp of a lost soul… I don’t know how much this story hunts Igor, but I know one thing as certain: the first time I heard him sing this song and play those few chords on the piano, I felt it right through. If they only had a chance to go back to that night and tell her these very same words, I’m sure they would. “God is with you. Whoever you are, God is with you. He can help you. Just don’t go. Just wait. Just breathe.” I keep hearing those words in a distant echo, bouncing off the empty walls inside a broken heart…

Maybe we can still reach out to someone. Maybe someone needs to hear these words tonight. Maybe someone, just like that girl, needs to be found.

“Even when it seems
There’s no one around,
Just know that God is with you
All the time.”

If you are out there… remember… God loves you the way you are, but He doesn’t want you to stay this way, hurt and hidden… He came here just for you.

– Anna

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  1. I love reading back stories….and this one is powerful cause i understand how much there is a time u wish u could go back and tell someone about God before it was too late….

  2. I beleive you guys can do this, anything is possible with the help of God. Like the words in my favorite song- “impossible is not a word, just a reason not to try”. God bless you and be with you every step of the way. We love you! Who knows, maybe this song will touch the heart of the girl who once walked away without hearing the Word of the Lord and bring her to Christ 🙂

    1. Kristina, thanks so much for stopping by. We appreciate all of your support more than you can imagine. It is our hope that what we do will reach out to people and tell them about the amazing God we believe in. Stay tuned!

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