Photo Session…

I keep looking through these pictures and I’m still in awe… We are seriously doing this.

As Igor keeps saying it, we’ve done more progress with our band in the past three months than we have in the past three years of our existence as a band. I am amazed with God’s work within us. It’s a miracle to me.

I guess I’m going to keep it short and sweet this time. Enjoy the pictures. Leave some comments.

Special thanks to Alex Commer Photography & Julia Nesterenko for making this photo shoot so incredible 😉

P.S. If only anyone knew how hard it was to keep those serious faces… we had too much fun doing this.

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  1. I am really happy for you guys and for what God is doing with all this now. I am absolutely amazed. Lots of blessings to all of you. This is finally going somewhere haha. Well i was hoping it would..with so much talent you guys have it’s impossible to just stop right there..i am sure it’s going to grow..and its just the beginning.. Best of luck..and many blessings from God;) i love you all 😉


    1. Thanks Julie so much. We had some precious times together as a band, but I guess we all have our own ways. We have shaped each other and I am personally thankful to God for that. Love you, too, sis, and blessings upon you as well 🙂


  2. Guys, I should say it was really fun and productive to work with you 🙂 Can’t wait for a final mix of your single.

  3. hey, who said what about the drummer?

    hey max, i remember when you told me about your dreams about 7 years ago… i kinda laughed it off but now i actually see anything is possible. (u know what i mean)
    to everyone, good job guys!

    1. First of all… Which Dima is this??? (Sorry… Need a last name). And all of this is for the Glory of God. He has led me/us this on this journey; and if it weren’t for His grace and providence none of this would have happened. I would go so far as to say for myself that everything that I am right now in terms of music is attributed to none but God. He has given me so much opportunities. Some I ceased, some I did not. But God is sovereignly in control of it all. I know that whatever happens from now on is His will alone. I could try to jump through as many hoops and bars as I want, but it is God that’ll lead my destiny in the end and that is the best thing to know. And this doesn’t just go for me; it goes for all the other guys and girl in the band. Each were led by God to this moment. 🙂 All glory to be to Him for leading us even when we are no worthy. 🙂 Thank you for the support Dima 🙂 -Max

      1. Plus… the job of those who have those dreams is to be faithful to those dreams and to steward them. I know and I knew then 100% that this (music) is where I need to be. Even when I was a little kid I somehow knew this is where I would end up; and for the last 12 years (as long as we’ve been in America) God has provided for talent, education and opportunity. The fact that I can play more then one instrument is not a coincidence for me. It’s God’s providence. In 7th grade I started with drums, in 8th with piano/keyboard and MIDI recording, in about 11th I picked up on bass guitar, 1st year of college and second year I picked up on acoustic and electric guitar and singing. I’ve been in 4 bands by now. It’s not mine to say “I DID IT”. God has been gracious to give this to me. Even the experience of playing on a stage with Shania Twain my sophomore year in high school was an experience I will never forget that God has given me. 🙂 I mean how else in the world would I get a chance in my life time to do that sort of a thing??? Only GOD!!! There is just so much things that God has done in my life to bring me to this moment. I just wish I was more obedient, more often and more faithful. 🙂

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