MAJOR UPDATE: What’s Been Going On (+All the Time Video Lyrics)

Woohoo! It’s been an awesome month for us.
We started our own life group, – sorry kidos, it’s band-only, –
and it has been a blast so far (thanks, G!).
It’s crazy how we began understanding each other
on a whole different spiritual level.
We’ve changed. We keep changing.
And God is beyond awesome.

There’s so much going on behind the scenes… let’s see.

Igor is about to write a song a day.

I want to see him stick to that 😉

Andrey has been cheering for Seahawks.

I wish I knew why, Andrey, but I don’t.

Constantine has been taking notes for me at our physics class… right, Constantine?

I (Anna here) am failing at multi-tasking when I’m teaching.

Now, my student and I have a new code for a “relaxed” hand.

And Bogdan is just being awesome. Well, and he’s working a whole lot.

All of that, and a ton of other greatness in our daily lives.
Also: here is a long awaited YouTube video for “All the Time” lyrics.

In the near future, expect the acoustic covers
for “Jesus Lives” and “Only One.”

2 thoughts on “MAJOR UPDATE: What’s Been Going On (+All the Time Video Lyrics)

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  1. wow! you guys are doing an amazing job! 🙂 🙂 may Jesus Bless u and may u guys grow in ur gifts and talents for the fame and glory of King Jesus… DON’T GIVE UP….

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