The Call To Observe

This week we will be starting a new sermon series on discipleship.

The word “disciple” simply means follower. In the context of Christianity, it is a follower of Jesus. During His earthly ministry, Jesus had many followers. Twelve of them, known as the twelve disciples, stood out among the rest. They were the ones who spent the most time with Jesus and were the most devoted to Him and His ministry. In fact, at the end of each of their lives they will have been martyred for preaching the gospel of Jesus.

But the disciples were not always courageous, they were not always heroic, they were not always devoted. When Jesus had first called them they were twelve ordinary men. Everything about them was ordinary. Their education, their families, their jobs, their homes, their lives, were all ordinary.

All of that changed when Jesus called them to observe.

At first, He did not call them to be wholly devoted, or to endure suffering, or to ultimately die. That would come later. First, Jesus called them to “come and see”. (John 1:35-42) Jesus told them to come and see where He was staying, come and see what He was doing, come and see what He was preaching.

This is the beginning of discipleship, the call to observe.

So we invite you to come and see what Jesus has done, what Jesus is doing, and what Jesus will do.

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