The Most Powerful Message In The Universe


People have tried to silence it. They have tried to stop it. Like a diseases, people have tried to prevent it from spreading. Rulers would persecute those who spoke about it. Great empires have tried to suppress it. To this day, in some areas of the world, it’s messengers are being burned, tortured, and ultimately killed for it.

The “it” that I speak of is the gospel.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” Romans 1:16

The gospel is the most powerful message in the universe. Literally translated it means the good news. It is the good news of Jesus having come down to save sinners and reconcile what has been irreconcilable. There can be no denying of it’s power, because for two millennia people have actively worked against the gospel and it has spread throughout the entire world. What started off in Jerusalem, spread throughout Judea and Samaria, and ultimately to the ends of the Earth.(Acts 1:8) So that I am sitting here (Seattle), literally on the other side of the world from Jerusalem, being forever changed by the gospel. The gospel which began two thousand years ago. When you consider the magnitude and the impossibility of these things, it is truly something to marvel at.

Let’s take a look at three things that make the gospel the most powerful message in the universe.

The Gospel Reveals

The gospel reveals to us who we are. It exposes us. The gospel shows us, and everybody else, that we are sinners. It puts everybody on the same level as sinners who cannot redeem themselves. So the life long religious man who has tried to make himself look perfect on the outside and the life long God hating man have both been exposed as sinners who fall short of the glory of God. Have you ever felt like you can’t quite measure up to the righteousness that the law demands? That’s because by yourself you can’t. The truth is we know this about ourselves. That’s why people walk around saying, “well nobody’s perfect”.

The problem with sin is that God is Holy. And we know we are not. And if God is truly Holy and just, as He is, then He must punish sin. This is where the good news comes in.

The Gospel Rescues

There is a reason the Apostle Paul says that the gospel is “the power of God for salvation”, because the gospel points us to Jesus who is our salvation. Since God is both Holy and just, he cannot let sin go unpunished. If He did, He would no longer be just or Holy. So in His great love and mercy for us, He sends Jesus. Jesus, in humility, comes as a man. Lives a sinless life. Submits all things to the Father. Ultimately, Jesus took the punishment for sin that was meant for us sinners. Jesus who had not sinned, became sin, so that in Him we might have righteousness. (2 Corinthians 5:21) Jesus took your place on the cross. The punishment was meant for you. He forgave your sin, He rescued you from eternal damnation. But that is not all He did.

The Gospel Reconciles

Since God is Holy, He can have no relation to sin. Otherwise, He would no longer be Holy. The glorious truth of the gospel is that Jesus not only saves us, but He has reconciled us with God. This is why Jesus is called the “mediator” between God and men. (1 Timothy 2:5) Jesus is the reason we are able to have eternal life. And what is eternal life? That we may know God! (John 17:3) This is the ultimate purpose. This is where you find true joy, true peace, and true life. All this has been freely given to you.

The Good News

I hope you see the gospel for what it is, the good news. It is the most powerful message in the universe. Until Jesus returns it will be preached, it will be proclaimed, and it will be believed.

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