We started out as a worship band at Spring of Life church in Mukilteo, hoping to move beyond the walls of the church and reach out to people in the world. Our band members have changed throughout time, – some had to come, some had to go, – but the core has always remained the same: Jesus. All in all, we persevered through the tough times, rejoiced in the blessings, and remained close friends because of God’s love that we share.

Contact us: dcompromised@gmail.com

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  1. Hello everyone, number 1 fan here ;-). I was rather disappointed that my old band didn’t do an ex-member or fans photo shoot. I want to see what they are going to do when I’m not going to be there to entertain them. Just kidding, they are a great bunch of peeps. Love them. Okay I’m out, peace.

  2. I know that, and you will suffer badly now, because I am withdrawing my support for now since you were so mean to me. Try to get over that.

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