Behind the song (Soldier)

"I will win, because God is on my side. I'm a solder" There is always a story behind a song. David, when he wrote his Psalms, wrote them out of the experiences of his life. Gods people always sang (and still sing) about what the Lord has done for them and what He continues to... Continue Reading →

Jesus Lives Lyrics

We have been singing this song for worship at our youth services for quite a while now and we thought it was about time to put up the lyrics. This song tells a story of a Life. It tells a story of Jesus. He lives. Within our daily lives, the little things that we do.... Continue Reading →

Hours in the studio…

In case you were wondering what exactly is going on with our repertoire, I'm going to take this chance to fill you in. We're working on our first album. "All the Time" was our single release - which is going to be on iTunes soon - and was a kick-start for what we're actively working... Continue Reading →

All the Time Lyrics

Everyone fails... You're not alone... Everyone falls... That's how it goes... So just take a breath. You will find a way to stand. He will come to you, Pick you back up. He will fix your mistakes, Get rid of your doubts. Even when it seems There's no one around, Just know God is with... Continue Reading →

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