Week One: Personal Prayer

No one knows you better than Jesus. No one loves you more than Jesus. Both of those statements are true. The one who knows you best, loves you most. If we are honest, at times, this is hard for us to believe and even harder to live out. This is because we know ourselves. We... Continue Reading →

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A Kingdom Unlike Any Other

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. This was the heart of the message that John the Baptist preached as he prepared the way for the ministry of Jesus. This is the message that Jesus preached when he began his ministry. It is the message that Jesus lived out until the end of... Continue Reading →

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The Dearest Place On Earth

Last week Christianity Today wrote an article on what Christians believe. The article was based on a survey, conducted by LifeWay research through Ligonier Ministries, where they interviewed 3000 Americans. You can read the article here. There were several alarming things that the research concluded. Among them, was what people believed about sin, the Holy... Continue Reading →

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Church and State

We know our kingdom and we know our King. This world is not our home. It is not our final destination. Our home is with Jesus in his Kingdom. However, this does not remove us from our current responsibility in the world. After salvation we were not automatically taken to the kingdom to be with... Continue Reading →

The Incarnation

There are many mysterious truths surrounding the birth of Jesus. There is the virgin birth, the star as a sign, and the proclamation of angels to name a few. But perhaps the most mysterious and spectacular of all truths is the incarnation of Jesus. This is the truth that God took on flesh and dwelt... Continue Reading →

We Need To Celebrate Today!

October 31. We need to celebrate today. Today is a special day in the life of the Church, although many Christians don't know it. Many people will dress up in the scariest costume they could find, many will dress up as their favorite character, and many as their favorite superhero. They will then walk around... Continue Reading →

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