The Call To Observe

This week we will be starting a new sermon series on discipleship. The word "disciple" simply means follower. In the context of Christianity, it is a follower of Jesus. During His earthly ministry, Jesus had many followers. Twelve of them, known as the twelve disciples, stood out among the rest. They were the ones who... Continue Reading →

Let’s get to work

Labor Day. A day where the American people celebrate their hard work by getting some much needed rest. The holiday was created to celebrate the social and economic achievements of the American workers, and there is much to celebrate and be grateful for. But before you go off to the beach and put that savoring... Continue Reading →

Behind the song (Soldier)

"I will win, because God is on my side. I'm a solder" There is always a story behind a song. David, when he wrote his Psalms, wrote them out of the experiences of his life. Gods people always sang (and still sing) about what the Lord has done for them and what He continues to... Continue Reading →

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